Musical Director

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Current musical director - PIPPA GOODALL 

Pippa first started conducting at a Prospective Organ Scholars course in Oxford, and returned to Bryanston to start a girls close-harmony choir which she directed in a school concert at St John’s Smith Square. Whilst at Bryanston, she directed and performed with a girls close-harmony quartet for 4 years, without knowing what Barbershop was! However, on arriving at the University of Manchester to study Music, she discovered Barbershop after attending a Manchester University Barbershop Chorus concert in her first term. She was transfixed throughout the whole performance and thought it was fantastic!

Becoming the first female student conductor at the University of Manchester in her second year gave her enough confidence to found the ladies’ Barbershop chorus in 2012, named Ultraviolet (previously Amethyst Capella) - this meant that she could help found the Manchester University Barbershop Singers. She conducted three choirs in her last two years - the girls’ chorus, the Holy Name Church Choir, and Chorus Antiquus (specialising in early choral music).

Pippa has since graduated from University and moved to London to work and study as an accountant, but is carrying on with her music as much as possible. She has sung with Viva Acappella and plays fiddle in L’chaim Kapelye, a Klezmer band. She is absolutely thrilled to have been chosen to direct Capital Chorus, and can’t wait to see what the future has in store!