Join us and beat those Winter Blues

Join us and beat those Winter Blues
Type of post: Chorus news item
Posted By: John Beesley
Status: Current
Date Posted: Thu, 16 Jan 2020

Have you ever experienced the joyful sound of a choir singing and thought you'd love to have a go?

We all know that singing can lift the spirits, especially right now in the depths of winter. In fact this coming Monday, January 20th, has been designated Blue Monday by the advertising and marketing community. They say it's the most miserable day of the year. Why? Because with the Christmas and New Year festivities well and truly behind us, work and the daily grind resumed, and with the bills and credit card statements rolling in, there seems very little to look forward to. 

OK. We know that the ads and marketing industry can make a lot of spurious claims. But for many of us this one does seem to ring true, which is why Capital Chorus has chosen the day to invite men of all ages and singing abilities to join us for an evening, learn a song in fabulous four-part harmony, and chase away those winter blues. 

Nice idea, you might say. But what if you've never sung in a group before? What if you don't read music?  And what if you're not even sure you can hit all the right notes at the right time? Don't worry. Our regular chorus members won't have seen the new song in advance either, so we'll all be learning together. Quite a few of our members don't read music, but we all support one another to find the right notes together. The fact is that almost everyone can sing, whether they know it or not, and a choir is the perfect place to discover your voice. We think you'll be amazed by what we can achieve together in just a couple of hours.. 

Singing in a choir is a lot of fun. and it has numerous health benefits too. An evening of singing together is as good as a workout and, better still, it can increase your confidence levels and widen your circle of friends. Of course, we believe that of all the kinds of choral singing available, Barbershop is by far the best. Admittedly we might be a little biased here, but the songs are all familiar, there are no Latin lyrics to contend with, and when you're part of a group which gets a chord just right so that it rings to the rafters, well there's no better feeling. 

So why not come along and give Blue Monday a try?  It's fun, it's free. There's nothing to lose and we think you'll enjoy the experience.  To find out more and to register your interest click here. Look forward to seeing you.