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Mr Cliff Abelman

Member, Bass

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    Born and raised in Johannesburg, Cliff has sampled various musical styles, starting out as a folk singer with his guitar at the age of twelve, and entertaining with ballads and pop songs in a restaurant as a student.

    After emigrating to London, he met his wife-to-be when both were performing in Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, and they progressed through groups singing madrigals and opera before joining a chamber choir.

    Both of their sons grew up to be accomplished musicians, and it was the success of their elder son in directing a university a cappella group that opened their eyes to unaccompanied singing - whereupon Cliff decided to join Capital Chorus in 2006. Since the start of 2019, he has also been singing with the West End Musical Choir.

    Cliff plays bass guitar in the Barnet borough's wind band and in a band playing French folk music for a dance group in Hertfordhire.