Radio 2 Jeremy Vine Show

Mon, 23 Dec 2019
After a discussion about accidents at Christmas and the peculiar perils posed by the season and the travel news, and as Johnny Mathis on disc sang When A Child is Born, we were ushered into place in the  Radio 2 studio in Wogan House, in an alcove behind the mixing desk and between two stereo microphones. 

It's amazing how quickly ten minutes can fly by. Jeremy Vine put us all at our ease, and before we knew it our songs White Christmas and Winter Wonderland were sung and we'd chatted about the chorus, Barbershop and singing at Christmas. Rather than having us describe what it was like, why not listen for yourself to the entire segment. It was a definite highlight of our year, and we'd like to thank Jeremy and his team for their warm welcome, and the opportunity to share our love of singing in close four-part harmony with so many others.